Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Part 1

I have never been a big fan of Valentines Day, I find it to be more for the retail industry than a "holiday". This year though something has changed. Not sure what but I feel more "into it". Maybe it was my daughter Faith telling me that "it's all about love mommy, you have to like a holiday meant for love". All those beautiful scrapbook lines meant for Valentines Day don't hurt either! ;)

So I decided to play with the huge stash of Valentine's stamps that I have. I have been sick this week and browsing the web. One of my favorite blogs is Simplicity. This woman know her way around with a stamp and simple she does beautifully. I was totally inspired by THIS CARD. It caught my eye and I couldn't stop staring at it. A lot of her cards do that to me. You really should check out her blog. I get her entries delivered right to my e-mail box as I don't want to miss one of her entries. I have her on google reader too...does that make me a stalker?

Anyhow, I had other plans for the tree but Faith saw it on my desk with the little people from a Studio G stamp set and told me I should use it for a Valentines Day card for my husband. She suggested I "carve" the tree too. So I did. It's cute and a compilation of me and my daughter.

Today I am in a Valentine mood. I am off to play with my Quickutz Silhouette to create fun little gifts for Faith to give at school tomorrow. I like the Grinch believe that my heart grew 3 times yesterday towards this silly little holiday called Valentines Day! :)

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Dawn Lindstrom said...

absolutely beautiful! Isn't it amazing what is inside our little girl's minds.