Thursday, October 8, 2009

Paper vs Digital vs Hybrid

I do digi for a living. I vowed a long time ago to never go full digi in my personal stuff. I love paper. I love the look, the feel, the piles of colors all stacked on top of one another, patterned paper, plain paper, stickers, epoxy and it goes on and on. I love my stamps and ink and so much more.

I have a bad back. This past week it was really bad. It kept me on ice with my laptop. I got bored and bought a digital kit from 2 peas. It was a Hero Arts digital kit. I play and I played and I came up with this:

I had a blast. It is my first ever full digital card. It's and ATC card (which was a first for me too) So then I went and purchased almost every other Hero Arts digital kit. I just had to have them. But....I missed my paper. So this is what I did:

I used the Poetic Petals from Hero Arts. I loved this flower and this week on the HA blog it is all about paper of my all time favorite things! It's deconstructing and reconstructing and it's just so fun! So I took the hybrid route. I created the flower and background is CS3 then printed it out 6 times on 6 different colors. I cut it out and then reconstructed it. I added ink,white colored pencil and glitter to add depth. It was really fun and if you haven't tried hybrid scrapping you really should. Jessica Sprague is a great teacher and offers many, many tutorials and classes. You can find her here.

So here's to digi, paper and hybrid. Regardless of how you do it it's FUN! :)

Cheers! :)


PS: go check out the hero arts pool on flickr!!! So much talent over there it blows my mind! :)

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