Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pinterest inspired pumpkin

Hi! Today I am sharing a project that I just finished. I am obsessed with Pinterest lately. I have a big house and we just moved in 6 short months ago. I am trying to get it decorated without breaking the bank. I am loving the things I find on Pinterest and I am trying my hardest to get one project done a week for the house now that we are coming into the colder months.

So I found this little beauty on Pinterest:

I fell in LOVE instantly. I went to Walmart and for $2 I picked up a box of lids. I then headed to Michael's with my coupon and got the spray paint for a little over $2. Little did I know I picked the exact same color as her. I just wanted an off-white to go with my foyer. :)

I had 6x6 Halloween paper here and string. I bought the Cinnamon Sticks from Walmart too. They were the most expensive part....$3.49. I then came home and got to work.

I did mine a little differently than hers. I put all my lids in a box and took them out and spray painted them. Two to three coats worked really well. I then cut my paper a little thicker, I used 1/4 x 6 inch strips. I glued mine on with Modge Podge. They don't go all the way under it but you can't even see the area that isn't covered.

I do have some tips that will help make this project a little easier:

TIP 1: Don't try and straighten the lids out before you pull the string. It pulls together beautifully all on it's own.

TIP 2:
I would suggest trying extra long zip ties to tie the lids together. I had to do it with string because I couldn't find our zip ties. At first there was a really large gap in the middle too big for the cinnamon sticks. So I went back through with string a second time and tried to pull it as tight as I could.

The other option is to have someone put their finger on the string while you tie the knot. I was alone when I did this so it was a little more difficult but it worked out fine in the end. I think zip ties would make this a pun intended.

TIP 3:
Tie the cinnamon sticks together first and then flip the pumpkin over and use a piece of fabric to cover the hole in the bottom (I used scrap canvas and a dab of hot glue) That way the cinnamon sticks won't fall through while the hot glue is drying.

TIP 4:

I used Canvas scraps for my leaves. I stamped a leaf from Hero Arts in Just Rust. I stamped it and then cut it out. I doubled it up and stitched the leaves together and then stamped the backside of the leaf then frayed it. That way it looks good 360 degrees.

That is all. Her tutorial rocks and you can read it HERE

Hope you enjoyed. If you have any cool pin projects you are working on I would love if you could link me to them. I'm always looking for easy, fun projects.

Happy FALL!



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Leigh Anne Watts said...

What a cute little pumpkin, love it! Thanks for sharing at Link It or Lump IT this week :-)

Leigh Anne

Rachel Beach said...

Love this! I have seen a few with just the lids tied together but yours with the polka dot paper is definitely my favorite.