Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You are Appreciated (Avery Elle with Neat &Tangled)

Hi everyone, today's card was an epic fail on my part but I saved  it for the most part and decided to share it. I used two of my favorite stamp companies Avery Elle and Neat & Tangled. Both make incredible quality stamps and both owners are absolute sweethearts! :)

I had this card in my head for a while. I pulled the colors from this inspiration board on Pinterest:

All was going great! I was masking away the flowers and I was a happy, happy stamper. Here is the card:

Well I had messed up the first card so I just took the masks and did a second card. Did I mention I was trying a new masking paper for the first time? I have never done this many layers with the new masking paper. I have always used I used Eclipse. It leaked through. My beautiful pink flowers had navy blue and brown spots all over them. I couldn't rip it apart again and start over so I had to cover it with Stickles. It's not what I wanted. It ruined the softness that I was going for but it's liveable. I LOVE these  Avery Elle flowers and I love the Neat & Tangled wood strip that makes a frame for them.

I thought this design would be really fun to do on chipboard to create an actual picture frame. I'm going to give it another shot using different colors and put a picture of my daughter in it for my mom. I'll let you know how it goes.

See you tomorrow! :)


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Melissa Shea said...

Well I like how you saved it! Love that woodgrain frame & the flowers, so pretty!