Sunday, January 1, 2012

One Little Word 2012

Happy New Year!!!

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I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve! We spent ours having a hilarious game of Pictionary with the kids. It was soooo fun! I laughed until I cried many times. It was girls vs boys and I am proud to say that Faith and I beat dh and the boys! She is an awesome Pictionary partner. We will be doing this for Family Game Night often! You don't need to buy the game either. We printed a list from online, used a timer from an old game and set the points. We played to 20. It was neck and neck until the end. My amazing 10 yr old won the game for us by naming "backbone"! I was so impressed! As soon as the game was over we all went up and snuggled in our king sized bed and watched the ball drop from NYC! It was perfect! We tucked the kid in their beds I was sound asleep by 12:15.

Every year I pick a word to try and live by. I got the idea years ago from Ali Edwards. She does "one little word". I love it. I am not a resolution person. It's too much pressure. Picking one word is so much easier. Last year my word was "pace". I did a pretty good job at it until November rolled around and then it went out the window.

This past year the word for this year was pretty much there all along. 2011 was a very bad year to say the least. Our family has struggled with many disappointments. My husband lost his job on January 3rd and still remains unemployed. We have lost so much and fallen so far. My marriage was put to the test and the stress was horrible on both my mental and physical health. I was torn between "up" and "prosper" this year. I started this morning by falling down the stairs. It became quite apparent to me that my "one little word" needed to be 'UP'. So that is what it is. ('s the same word Ali picked--I don't check her word or anyone else's until I pick mine).

There is so much that needs to go "up" in my life. I am hoping to get my greeting card/invitation business *up* and running full throttle this year. I need to get my health better and I need to get *up* and moving. It's the best thing for my arthritis and I need to get out and walking every day again. I need to figure out how to help my son, who struggles so greatly with school, pull those grades up with the least amount of stress. I need our financial situation to go *up* dramatically. There are so many more reasons...

Do you pick "one little word"? If so, I would love to hear it.

I hope you all have a wonderful, prosperous new year and may all your dreams come true.



Barb said...

Oh, Michelle, I can't believe you fell down the stairs - so glad you're all right! Sounds like you had a wonderful New Year's Eve with your family. My wish for you is a much better 2012, with lots and lots of "ups!" Hugs to you!

pcm said...

sounds like you had a wonderful new year celebration. Hope that your 2012 is Up, Up, UP!

Renee said...

Your New Year's Eve sounds so nice! Mine was unfortunately spent at work, but even if I was home it wouldn't have been nice and cozy as the hubby has a terrible chest cold :(
So many families including my own are suffering from the economy & lack of work. I really hope for a better year, I am not giving up on my dreams for our family, and for so many others. I will keep you in my prayers! Keep your chin up ;)