Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Card Making Party!!!

Hi all! Today was my daughter's Christmas Card Making Party with her friends. There were 5 ten yr old girls all together and we had great fun. We laughed and joked and they got silly but the best part....we stamped and created until we were exhausted. I had 5 projects planned but we only got to 4 of them. They were really happy with them and that's what matters most. I kitted everything last night and this morning so that it was simple and easy. Most pieces were cut on the Silhouette and only one card needed scissors and I will eliminate that next time as they wanted me to cut everything out. So without further ado, here are the projects that I managed to get pictures of before they all left.

jolly christmas
This was the one that required all the cutting. The Sizzix version was sold out when I went to get it last can bet that I will have it next time. This is the card I did all the scissor cutting on. Tree trees and 1 reindeer times 5 girls equals sore hands for me tonight! lol

I had the reindeer and trees stamped on white, they just had to color them in and then place their punched snowflakes on the card, tear some paper for snow and then stamp the reindeer, trees and sentiment. They pop dotted the trees and the colored reindeer. Super easy. Super fun.

I got the idea for this card from Lisa Spangler over on the Hero Arts website. You can see the inspiration card HERE.

Next up is another card that I got from the Hero Arts web site. The inspiration is just flowing over there and there is such a broad range of techniques from super simple to more adventurous. Here is the card the girls did:

Merry Christmas snowflakes

I changed it up a bit from the original I prestamped the ornament on watercolor paper and heat embossed it. I then had the girls ink the ornament and spritz them HEAVILY with Perfect Pearls. They all used different colors and all of them came out GORGEOUS. They stamped the background of snowflakes, I had already done the tree bough for them. They attached everything to the card and stamped the sentiment. It was just the right amount of stamping for the 4 girls who had never stamped before.

This next project is a bookmark. I got it from my Silhouette software. It's available in the Silhouette Store. I loved this when I saw it and I knew the girls would love it too.

reindeer bookmark

It was really simple. They just had to glue him together. Again, I cut it all for them and bagged it they just had to pull it out and attach it. Good thing too because I was still cutting out reindeer's and trees through this project! lol

And lastly, you can't have a Christmas party with out a visit from Ole St. Nick can you? No, I didn't think so either. He made his way down the chimney....and then back up! ;)

Santa chimney

This wonderful guy is a puppet of sorts. He is on a popsicle stick that pokes through a slit in the bottom of the chimney and you can make him go up and down the chimney. He was the hit of the party!!! I pre-cut everything for this and bagged them for the girls. I also ran all the little pieces through my Xyron X and put the strips in the bag (oh I colored the faced for them too). All they had to do was paper piece him and the chimney. It was super fast and super easy.

While I had 5 projects planned and 3 hours time. We never made the 5th project. I will make it and show you another time. It's really fun and easy too. We ended up having a little over 2 hours by the time they got here, got settled, had their snack etc. It was a 1/2 day here so they all walked home from school with Faith.

I am doing it again on Sunday with my 12 yr. old's friends. I am going to change the projects up a bit though.

I am too tired to link product tonight. They wiped me out.If you have any questions on any of the product just leave a comment and I will be sure to get back to you.

I'm off to bed.......

Nite all!


Nancy said...

You're a brave woman, Michelle! Rest up for the next round on Sunday. What wonderful memories you are making with your daughters! Sending Christmas blessings your way!

Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness!!! These are all so fantastic Michelle. I hope you get some rest soon after all of your hard work! I especially love the Santa pop out, way too cute! Enjoy the next party!

Barb said...

What a fun mom you are, Michelle! Such a neat idea to do for your daughters! Love every project! That bookmark is darling, and I can totally see why the Santa one was such a hit! :)

Renee said...

That sounds so fun! Can't wait to have little crafting parties with my daughter's friends when she's a bit older :) Adorable projects, tfs!