Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Subway Art

I'm so excited to share today's project with you. I am so happy that I finished it in time. I didn't want to wait until the last day to share it. I had this idea about 2 weeks ago but I didn't have the frame. I posted on Freecycle to see if anyone had one and I ended up with some seriously cool frames all for FREE! I get lots of great stuff from FreeCycle. If you aren't familiar with it, it's a program to help keep stuff out of the landfills. One man's trash is another man's treasure right? Everything on FreeCycle is FREE. You aren't allowed to charge for the items. You can find more about it at Freecycle.org. There is usually one or more in your surrounding towns all over the country. One of my best finds was my children's swing set. It came off of a HUGE swing set/tower. It was close to $7,000 brand new. We took the swing portion only as the thing was monstrous. It has tire swings and rope swings and regular swings. Definitely worth checking out. I get rid of tons of stuff on it too.

Ok, so today's project. I got the frame in great condition. I just added some primer and gloss black spray paint and it was done. (I have another to share for Christmas that's bigger and not subway art.). I made it with my Silhouette. I just cut out the subway art in dk gray, yellow, orange. For the "Halloween" I had cut it out of Orange and black but didn't like it. I traced it onto the glitter purple and hand cut it. I loved it afterwards. I attached the yellow and orange to the gray slightly off centered to look like shadow and then Modge Podged them on front and back so when I place it by my door it withstands the traffic. I used a large sheet of mat board (from AC Moore) and cut it down to size, I then mounted 2 pieces of Bazzill on it and then attached the words. I used a thick piece of chipboard from one of my kids drawing pads and cut that down to size for the backing of the frame. I nailed in a few tiny nails to hold it all into the frame.

subway art frame 1

subway art close up

subway art halloween

For the skull I used one of the pattern images that are now available in the Silhouette Store. This skull is from Lori Whitlock. They look like digital sheets of paper. I created a large square, filled it with the skulls and then enlarged it to make the skulls huge. I think I only had 2 useable ones by the time I was done enlarging it. I then printed it out on plain paper, scanned it back into my computer and imported it in to Photoshop Elements. I used the magnetic lasso tool to cut it out and then printed it on photo paper. I also saved the shape as a PNG because I made my sons a shirt with the same skull (I'll post later this week). I put it on pop dots so that when I change it out for Thanksgiving and Christmas I can just use Undu to get it off without damaging the frame.

That's it. It was so very simple and very fun. I leave you today with a picture of my silly girl playing with the frame before we put it together yesterday! Having so much fun with her. We are Halloween shopping today for decorations and costumes and then coming home to make home made donuts from scratch. Have a wonderful day!!!!


PS: I am sorry I am not linking right now. I'm just trying to spend as much time with Faith as possible this week. If you want to know where anything came from or what it is just leave it in the comments and I will hook you up. Thank you for understanding! :)


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Tiffany said...

This is ultra spooky, Michelle! I love how intricate it looks, great colors - just love everything you did here!