Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Silhouette Birthday Invites

It is that crazy time of year for me again. I have so many birthday's between the month of May and June it kills me. I feel like I spend the entire 2 months trying to prepare for birthdays. Most of those birthdays are my children, my husband, my dad, nephew and myself throw in some friend birthdays for my kids and we have chaos.

This year on top of all of it my mom is moving from here (Boston) to Alaska. :( So I am trying to throw together a going away party the day after my daughters birthday this coming weekend. Craziness!

I was up until 2 a.m Sunday night, into Monday morning working on these so that Faith could take them to school on Monday. I'm a week late getting them out. What are you gonna do??? This is only a portion of them. My daughter is a social butterfly and has so many friends. Every year I do special invitations for her. I love doing them. The 3 boys could care less, so it's nice to indulge the girlishness of my dd.

I used my Silhouette for the entire thing. I didn't change a thing on the template. I didn't even resize it. It was the perfect size. I didn't take a picture of the inside but basically you pull up on the bow the invite is the top of the present. I printed the information on white paper and then used adhesive to attach them. I had originally tried to print directly on it but I used a dark purple and it was just too hard to see it. It was also way faster to print a sheet with 25 invites than to tape and run each one through the printer.

OH camera is a nightmare...I took these pictures in natural light. The single is the dark grape purple with lime green and yellow. It was my favorite combination but it came out so badly in the picture. In dire need of a new camera.

Working on birthday cards today. Will post more later.


Barb said...

Such cute invitations, Michelle! Love the colors and large dots! Sounds like you're so busy. Hang in there! :)

Jill said...

I love those big, bright polka dots! Just SOOOO cute! Thanks so much for your SUPER sweet comments on my blog today- you made my day, my friend!

Tiffany said...

Oh girl! You are crazy busy, aren't you! Breathe, breathe!! The invite made with the Silhouette is really fab! Love the fun and bold colors! So whimsical and pretty!

Joy said...

Oh the invitations Michelle turned out fabulous, what a wonderful, bright and cheerful invitation.