Saturday, August 29, 2009


I love to color. I have always loved to color. I remember going away to my grandparents summer home and sitting around the table on the porch coloring with my mother and my aunts. I remember how good my mother's coloring still is. Even now I think she still colors better than me.

I spend a lot of time coloring with my daughter. She loves to color. We have mini bags packed all over the house so that we can grab one every time we run out of the door. We have car crayons and house crayons. We color in the car when we have to wait for one of the boys or in an appointment somewhere.

This week Jen McGuire's theme on the Hero Arts blog is coloring. I was very excited. I have a very bad back. It causes me much grief. I went camping with my family last week and I have been stuck in the big chair in the living room for days with ice on my back. I spent a lot of time coloring this week. Below is what I colored.

I hope you enjoy. If you haven't opened a new box of crayons so. The memories will come flooding back....I promise!!

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Beth Norman said...

I love your bottom card. Very colourful.