Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baby shower invitations

Hi, I have been absent and I apologize. I have a very bad back and I am having lots of issues. I can't sit for long and I don't have a laptop :( so I can't post as much as I would like. I also can't create as much as I would like. I did manage to get these done this week though. My cousin in pregnant. She lives in Alaska but is coming here in July and we are throwing her a surprise shower (nope she doesn't know about this blog....yet). I was perusing the 2 peas gallery the other night and came across g8rchik and she had these posted. I fell in love with them and instantly started to try to figure it out. I am a very visual learner. I can usually look at things and pretty much know how to recreate it. I have to see things made, rather than reading words. I am lost when I have to read how to put something together.

So off I went to my desk and pulled a bunch of scrap cards tried to recreate it. It took me a bit but I got it and I am so proud of the finished product. I used Cuttlebug dies to make the animals. These cards are super easy to make!

Now I am off to try to figure out a diaper pattern so that I can give her them to use as Thank you notes. I was thinking of a rattle too. Not sure yet! If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

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ML Design Works said...

These are so cute! I hope you have a great time! :-)