Saturday, June 20, 2009

All that Glitters

I admit it. I am a glitter junkie. I remember 3 years ago shopping in JoAnn's with my girlfriend Alison. She was searching high and low for glitters. She was convinced that glitter was the next big thing to hit scrapbooking. I thought she was crazy. Little did I know.

I avoided it for the longest time. Then Doodlebug came out with all those lucious colors. I couldn't resist them....or stickles. I became addicted. I am forever trying to figure out ways to use it in my scrapping and on my cards. It's a huge addiction...a messy one, but a fun one.

I was browsing my lss the other night. I saw these beautiful works of art with this new glitter that hit the market...the name escapes me at the moment. They had these beautiful flowers stamped on transparencies with Stazon ink and then colored in with glitter. The flowers looked like they would have taken days to create, an employee confirmed to me that they were extremely time consuming. I figured there had to be a better way.

I bought the cloud stamp by hero arts. I just love it. It's everywhere these days. I thought it would so cool to have a blue glitter sky with glittery puffy clouds. Enter this.
I used glossy accents glue painted onto the background stamp. I then poured the blue glitter over it and let it dry. Glossy Accents dries a lot faster than Diamond Glaze (which I am a huge fan of). Then I took a small paintbrush and painted inside the cloud and dumped the white glitter on. It isn't as time consuming as it looks but I had much bigger areas than a flower. Then I moved onto the bird. I did the same steps except I used Stickles for his beak instead of glitter. Stickles takes so long to dry though. I won't be doing that again unless I let it set up overnight. If your're thinking "use a heat gun" remember it will warp the transparency. Even embossable transparency. Been there! ;)

For this one I followed the same steps but this time I used MODGE PODGE for the blue sky and it worked so much better. The color really pops on this one. I have to didn't work as well on the clouds. MP dries very quickly. You're working in a small area and it just tries far too fast.

That's it for today. So much going on today. Have you been to the Hero arts Flickr Group? There is so much inspiration over there. While you are there take a pit stop at the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol. Twenty (20) Winners go up today! I wish everyone who joined good luck!


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