Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I've created a creating monster! and HERO ARTS BLINKY

My little girl loves to scrapbook. Lately she has been found sitting at my desk and creating. Her latest love....cards. Just like momma.

Last week I was playing with some watercolor pencils. She loves watercolors too. They do this wonderful program at school called "picturing writing". They use crayon resist to create these beautiful books (see pictures at left). I was inspired by her to create something similar. When she saw my card she instantly wanted to re-create it on paper herself. I was so impressed with her final project. Please keep in mind...I didn't help her. She looked at mine and "lifted" it completely. She is very visual...as am I. We can both look at something...regardless of how complicated...and know immediately how to re-create it. I find for me, it's a wonderful talent as I can get overwhelmed and overloaded with ideas in my head and have to resort to using another's idea (always with credit of course ;) ).

Here is my card:

and here is her card:

I am so proud of her. Tonight we are making cards. A promise I made to her before bed last night because I was too sick to create yesterday. We are donating our cards to the Victorian Card Drive. If you haven't heard about this please click the link.

I also go my Hero Arts blinky today! I have NEVER had a blinky before but I can tell you I am addicted to the Hero Arts blog and the Hero Arts Group over at Flickr. If you haven't checked them out....YOU MUST! A complete daily dose of inspiration.

Ok, off to feel better so I can create tonight

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Arlene said...

Your daughter did a fantastic job on the card. Super colors and great cutting. Wonderful.