Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pieces of me

Just trying to jumpstart my mojo. I had to force myself to scrap this week. This is way out of my comfort zone but I needed to just toss something together. I am satisfied with the end result.

My dd's fish died. She was heartbroken. My camera is still broken and my photos keep coming out blurry. ugh....It did work for this layout though. This is her on the swing mourning her fish.

The paper is from KI Memories Pieces of me line. I think it was the greatest line they ever put out. I miss this line and I try not to use it so I can keep hoarding it. I love it and I panic about it being all gone. I am slowly depleting it and freaking out because I can't get anymore.

I was inspired by the blog over at 2 peas to use something that you hoard. Mine is always KI Paper. Mostly the older lines. I have about 10lbs of their patterned paper...no lie.

Pieces of Me...there should be a pieces of me 2 and a re-release of the old lines. what do you think?

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