Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birthday Trio

Some fun stuff. I was reading and issue of Paper Crafts magazine the other day and throughout the magazine they did the same card 3 different ways. This is my take on that and it was also Birthday week over at the Hero Arts blog. I love that blog. I haven't been able to do many of the challenges but I really wanted to do this one. With school starting up soon there will be a ton of birthday parties for the kids to go to. I hate rushing at the 11th hour to get a card done for them to take. I refuse to buy cards too so this way I will have them stock piled. I am hoping to get a few more in this week before I have to go back to work full-time again.

The ice cream cone was my favorite to make. I used Stampin' Up! flocking on it. I have to laugh at the whole "flocking craze" right now. I have had this stuff for years. I bought it at least 7 years ago. I have used it on and off. It wasn't really "in" back then. But now it's a craze. Go figure. Same thing with the computer. I was a hybrid scrapper almost from the beginning. One of the first layouts I ever did incorporated my computer. It's funny how things become a craze and then fade away in this industry. I personally am not a craze kind of gal. I just go with my own flow.'s a close up of the cards. Enjoy!

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