Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cards for Kids part duex!

I just wanted to share the cards I did for Jen McGuire's Card Drive for Kids. I apologize for the fuzzy pictures. Apparently, my camera was caught in a huge downpour in Washington D.C (yes, I found out today and the trip was in JUNE!..that's a whole other post! :( )

I thought they could give this to someone to brighten their day. I love doing these. I need to find more that will work this way! :)

This one has a lot of tough riddles in it. I know the front isn't that creative or beautiful but I thought it was fun! This is all about fun so why not. I never use primary colors but thought they worked perfect here! I wrote all the answers upside down on the back of the card. The inside is below.

I borrowed this idea from a still life that was done on the Hero Arts blog a few weeks back. It was so fun and perfect for a little girl.
These are Hero Arts tags. They are perfect for little jokes.

My little girl Faith made this one. It opens the wrong way but she worked so hard on it I didn't have the heart to ask her to fix it. I think it's unique just like her!:)

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Elizabeth said...

Those are all so cute!!