Friday, June 13, 2008


I have been very absent this week. I have a humungous television blocking my desk and I cannot get to it! :( I am sad because I have 2 Father's Day cards to do and a birthday card for my husband (today). {sigh} Maybe that son of mine will move it's at least a 3 person job so I am hoping so.

June is a crazy month for us. We have so many birthdays. My oldest just turned 21 on the 3rd and I spent days scanning in photos of him to make a video montage of him. I used One True Media. It's a very cool site and it's reasonably priced. Now all my other children want one too....thank goodness most of them are digital pictures. I thought my scanner was going to give out on me.;)

I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful spring weather. I know I am. I am sunburned all over!


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