Sunday, November 30, 2014

a2z Scavenger Hunt

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know we have a fun game going on over at a2z Scrapbooking this weekend. It's a Scavenger Hunt.
and there is a $25 gift certificate up for grabs if you play.

Here is how it will work:
1. Below you will find Ten Questions that need to be answered. The only way to get the answers is to go on a Scavenger Hunt in the a2z Scrapbooking store.
2. When you find all of the answers, you have to email them to: No later then Midnight, December 1st.

Are you ready? Here we go:
1. Creating with Hero’s wonderful “Digital Cut” files is always fun, just remember when you are using them with your silhouette, to start with a fresh cutting mat and nice sharp ______, just two of the Silhouette accessory products we also carry in our store!
2. Don’t you just LOVE all the awesome Stencils that we have in stock at a2z Scrapbooking Store? When you are using yours, be sure you have plenty of this product on hand to add extra Dimension and Texture to your stenciled projects.
3. Which of Hero’s wonderful wooden stamps do you think would be perfect for a card that you want to create for a fellow crafter?
4. We have many colors of the fabulous Hero Arts Layering Paper always in stock at the a2z Scrapbooking Store. Name three of the colors that you would use most often for your crafty projects?
5. What is the name of one of the Hero Arts Ink Cube Sets, that has an ink named after a drink in it?
6. The a2z Scrapbooking store sells this amazing Hero Arts tool that directs hot air to the precise area where its aimed, melting embossing powder and creating amazing results in seconds. What is the name of this tool?
7. Ink Daubers are the new way of applying inks to stencils in your favorite colors. How many different Hero Arts colors are stocked in the a2z Scrapbooking store?
8. Have you tried Water-coloring yet on your cards? If not, you are truly missing out on a fabulous way to create your own fabulous backgrounds. Did you know the a2z Scrapbooking store carries a set of watercolors. What is the name of the water-color set and how many colors does it contain?
9. a2z Scrapbooking opened their Etsy doors on what date?
10. Wow, a2z Scrapbooking carries 80 different types of embellishments! How many of them are buttons?
Off you go to find the answers to all of these questions. Good luck to all of you who participate in this contest. Who will be the first to find all of these answers? I can’t wait to see who wins.

Reminder, the scavenger hunt ends Monday, December 1st at Midnight. So email your answers in before that time.

You can also find these questions/hints on the bottom of Kymona's post HERE

We hope you join us. It proves to be a lot of fun!

See you soon.


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