CATH, you'll always be Moxie FAB!!!

November 09, 2013

Today's post is very bittersweet.  As many of you are aware our beloved Paper Crafts magazine is getting a make-over and there are lots and lots of changes going on.  Moxie Fab is having it's own growing pains. If you haven't read the post about the wonderful, magnificent, always makes ya smile with her posts, Cath Edvalson....I am sorry to be the bearer of the bad news.  Cath is leaving the Moxie Fab World Blog.

TWO HUNDRED & EIGHTY FIVE stampers got together to give Cath a send off  we hope she will never forget. We are doing it BIG folks....

You should have arrived here from Ashlee Townsend's Blog  Muse My World.  

I always get intimidated when I have to create a card for someone so special in our paper crafting world. This was the most intimidated I have ever been. Cath is a GOD in my eyes. She is always right on Trend...I'm always way behind the trends. I remember the first time she ever commented on my blog. I think I walked on cloud 9 for a week. I was over the moon happy....I felt extremely special.  Then I won a Moxie Fab challenge.... I screamed so loud that morning I scared the hell out of my husband. He literally came running downstairs,  The look on his face when I told him what made me scream was the look of "REALLY"? lol It might not have meant much to him...but to me it was EVERYTHING!

So with that I would just like to say: THANK YOU CATH!  You have brought so much joy and inspiration into my life. Helping me stay on Trend when I was so far behind, sharing some of the greatest art I have ever seen with your Moxie Fab posts from Pinterest and letting me see into the lives of some of the greatest card makers out there. You will be missed. You will never be forgotten and I will stalk you on Pinterest! :)  Best Wishes.  Take the time to enjoy New England. Having been born and raised here I can truly say it's one of the best places on earth.

Hugs, hugs and more hugs Cath.

Now please hop on over to the fabulous Juliana Michaels.  If at anytime during the hop you get lost or need to take a break you can always find the list over at  Moxie Fab World.

Til next Time....

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