Monday, May 14, 2012

Wishing you Rainbows....

 Today is all about bringing sunshine and happiness to a very dear friend, Mary Dawn Quirindongo...otherwise known as My Pink Mexico. MD is awesome, she makes me laugh, she is creative as can be and I am honored to call her my friend.

Today the girls on the DT over at A Blog Named Hero and I wanted to bring her some sunshine and smiles. ...she really deserves it.   Here is the card that I made for her:

Wishing you rainbows

Michelle Liimatainen

And all the other girls on the Design Team. 

Simone Naoum

Cheiron Brandon

Cristina Martinez

Danielle Walls

Lucy Newton

Kelly Latevola

Linda Trace

Lisa Carroll

Tina Basa

Melissa Shea

Stephanie Britt

Stephanie Klauck

Talent I tell you. I am in Awe of these girls!!!

To MD....I hope we brought you some sunshine and smiles. We Love you!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox
See you tomorrow.


Joy said...

Michelle you card is a stunner, I am sure that MD would be smiling big at all this beautiful sunshine being sent her way, gorgeous cards all round! hugs!

Melissa Shea said...

Nice post Michelle! Thanks for getting it all together! Beautiful card too :)

Lisa Carroll said...

Michelle, your card is just beautiful! All of you girls did an amazing job! And thank you, Michelle, for organizing this whole thing... what a sweet, thoughtful friend you are. :) Hugs to you, and Mary Dawn! xxoo

cheiron said...

Oh wow Michelle, your card is FABULOUS!!! I love seeing everyone's cards for Mary Dawn here. Just wonderful.

Mary Dawn said...

you are all sweetie heads and i love you! i have been running to and fro today, so i'm sorry i didn't comment sooner...nobody's ever done anything so nice for me before <3 thank you x 13

Cris said...

Great cards! I hope we made her feel better! Thanks for organizing this, Michelle! You are the best! Seriously, the best!!! xx

Lucy Newton said...

Michelle thank you for being so thoughtful, your card is amazing, and I am so glad Mary Dawn liked them!!!

Tina said...

Oh, I missed your post! So great to see all the cards together and I hope we brightened your day, Mary Dawn.

Stephanie @ A Steph-Made Life said...

Michelle, your card is gorgeous!! Thanks for organizing this! So sweet!