Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Card Camp Creations Day 3

Well we are on day 3. As I was going through I realized I had never created any cards for week three due to my knee. So I created them yesterday and the day before. I had a lot of fun and was kind of glad that I didn't get it done before then because as I was surfing the net I went to catch up on some of my favorite blogs and found THIS I have been a loooooong time fan of Erin Lincoln. Her layouts,http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif her cards...she just oozes talent and I adore her blog. When I saw this card I immediately bookmarked it. I had to create something similar to this. Enter today's card.


Ribbon on 13

I have 3 sons. I am always on the lookout of "boy" or "manly" cards. This fit the bill perfectly. I rarely copy a design exactly. I usually pick something I like but this one...this one was just too good to alter. I love that grid and I had to recreate it on a card for one of my son's birthdays.

It was really simple to make. I just created the grid with a ruler and pencil, stamped in my shapes, traced the lines with a Copic and erased the lines that didn't have a stamp in the box. I die cut the banner and then stamped it with the hounds-tooth stamp.

Products used on this card:

The second card today is a very small card. It's a 3x4. I had cut a bunch of the artisan shapes from my Silhouette one day not realizing they were too small for a regular card. I couldn't toss them so I thought they would make good miniature cards. Every time I use my Silhouette to cut a shape from white cardstock I try to fill the whole piece of paper with shapes that I can ushttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gife at a later date. It's so simple to alter the color of the white with ink or markers or even mists, paint, chalk...you get the idea.

sorry for your loss

I stamped the Hero Arts large fabric pattern onto the background in chalk ink, I stamped the Hero Arts Antique Brocade in the sand shadow ink. I inked the edges of the shape in Antique Linen Distress ink. I used the top portion of the flowers from the Hero Arts With Sympathy set and inked it in the HA Poppy chalk in. Finish it off with a bow and a step banner.

I think this card is the perfect size to send with flowers.

Again, head here to sign up for the self-paced Summer Card Camp at a REDUCED price. You won't regret it!!! :)

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Renee VanEpps said...

Beautiful card!!! I don't think you copied the other one at all!