Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wooo Hoooo!!!!!

I am so excited! I have been buried in designing and putting together the 8th grade yearbook for my kids school. I don't technically have an 8th grader this year but was asked to do it because of my design skills. On top of all of I have been so sick.

So imagine my surprise when I took a break today and popped onto Twitter and found a Tweet from HERO ARTS! It was about today's Social Club. I clicked the link and found that my card was one of 3 featured on it today! I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am about this! I needed this pick-me-up in a very stressful week! I love the card they chose and was so proud of it. To have it featured is such an HONOR for me! I also got that cool new blinkie you see to your right!

It's a good day!!! I hope you all stop by the Hero blog and leave praise for the other 2 girls. Their cards are AMAZING! :) I might even borrow Sarah's for a birthday card that I need to get done!!!

Hoping to join you all again soon with some crafty posts.



AnitaRex said...

Yay congrats on social club! What a beautiful card! It's great that it came on this stressful week for you! :>

Anonymous said...

So happy to share the spotlight with you today, Michelle! Yippie! :) LOVE your card! Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Sarah M

Barb said...

Must have been such a nice surprise for you, Michelle! Congrats on being featured today! Gorgeous card! I sure hope you're feeling better too! :)

Tiffany said...

I hope you are getting better and better as each day passes Michelle!! How thoughtful of you to undertake such a monumental task of making the yearbook! I'm sure your hard work will pay off, too exciting! Hugs!

Deirdre said...

Congrats Michelle, so hapy to see you in the spotlight today. Hope you are feeling better.